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Тест потока

Control consoles for Affiliated Branch AO "LOJeSK" "Prigorodnye Seti"

Objective: to equip a control room for 3 operators with modern control room consoles.

Technical requirements:
  1. Cable management.
  2. Wear-resistant work surface with anti-static and antibacterial coating, with rounded corners and ergonomic edge.
  3. Wear-resistant metal frame made of high-quality structural carbon steel.
  4. External sockets for quick access.
  5. Technical compartments are equipped with metal doors with seamless locks for quick access to equipment.
  6. Professional articulating arms for placing one monitor with adjustment in three dimensions.
  7. CPU shelves with fastening and fixing on the door for easy access.
  8. Rack mount for 19" equipment with multi-purpose shelf.
  9. Individual LED lamps for operators.
  10. Professional articulating arms for placing phones.

Solution: the task was completed on control room consoles series PG-5.